History Lessons About the Hamburger

If an individual who believes that the Hamburger is an innovation of the 21st Century, then you will be surprised to know all about its history. In reality, the Hamburger has survived economic crises, war and a lot more. The delicious burger has travelled countries and various other places even before it got to the United States. So apart from these points, what else does history talk about the Hamburger? Well, if you wish to find out, keep reading to taste more.


Before the US

As mentioned earlier, the Hamburger did not arrive at first to the United States of America. The popular dish was a culinary tradition of Europe, and that is believed to be part of its origin. Apart from that origin story, there are plenty of other stories, and people tend to believe in one. Numerous Historians believe that it was the Mongols that spread the tradition in the 13th Century, as warriors would stash raw meat under their saddles so that it gets softened and easier to cook. This is further believed to be spread across Europe with Moscow adapting a different version altogether. So the Hamburger travelled and spread all across, and even Germans got involved.

Arriving at the USA

It was in the year 1840 that German immigrants ran away from political revolutions in their country and left for the New World. The Hamburger, then known as the Hamburg Steak is said to be eaten on the ship before it made its presence felt in the United States of America. Fast forward to 1873; the dish already appeared on the menu of Delmonico’s, which was located in the city of New York. But despite all that, the Hamburger did not make a mark for itself and people never really ordered the dish. The St. Louis World’s Fair that happened in 1904 is said to have changed everything. Once the Americans discovered the delicious meal at the fair, they never let it go away. Famous restaurants and places prepared their own version of the bun and people began to love it. The dish took another turn when McDonald’s came into the business. The iconic McDonald’s Bar-B-Que opened in San Bernardino, California in 1948 and people shifted their attention to the 15-cent hamburgers.


The 21st Century

The Hamburger has undoubtedly come a long way and made its presence felt all across the world. Through time, the dish has changed in size and made significant progress in taste. The 21st Century made even more progress, and people eat it for breakfast. So, in terms of consumption, the bun has conquered the world and has also faced some criticism on aspects of health. Today, the United States consumes more than 40 Billion burgers annually.





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